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What is a Gateway?
What does the Gateway provide?
How long does it take to setup my Gateway?
How long does it take before I see the funds deposited into my bank account? 
How do I enter orders into the gateway?
I/we already have Amex and/or Discover accounts. Can we add them to a new merchant account and use's gateway?
What happens to my gateway if I change Merchant Account providers?
How long does it take before I see the funds deposited into my bank account? 
Is there a recurring billing option available?
We have a shopping cart, will the gateway work? 
Is Global Warming real? Are we damaging the planet?
How difficult is integrating my gateway with my website?
What credit cards can I accept?  
What do I need to get started??
How long has Paybyweb been in business?
What is my total cost to get started?
What name will appear on my customer's credit card statement? 
Who will my merchant account be set up with? 
What happens if I apply for the Retail account but use it for my non retail business? 
How long will it take to get my account up and running?
How do I cancel my merchant account? 
Are there any additional services offered through the Gateway?
How do I contact Paybyweb?
We did not originally request Amex when we applied. How do we add Amex to our account?
Why is Grass Green?  
Is my personal or business credit a factor in getting a merchant acct?
What is your favorite cuisine?
What does the Gateway provide?
Can I change my banking information (DDA)once my account is established?
Why are Women so complicated? Can you help me with them?


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