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Start earning great money each month!!  As a PayByWeb Reseller, we provide you with an online branded merchant account application that you can use to solicit new merchants.  We do ALL support and setup!  You receive a monthly check.  You will automatically receive 60% of the total gross processing revenue paid out to PayByWeb.  Funds are paid to you monthly, one month in arrears.



1. Complete the Reseller Registration form below.  

2. Once approved, we will email you a link to your co-branded online merchant account application.  Place it on websites, include it in emails, use it to manually enter an application at a merchant's location, etc.

3. Each time an application is submitted, PayByWeb will process the application, notify you and your applicant of status, and once approved, board them with a payment gateway that they will use to manually enter credit card transactions and integrate with a website.  Should they need a terminal or other items, we will provide to them as needed.  

4.  Each month, you will receive 60% of the gross payout received by PayByWeb for the merchant account processing on each merchant you have submitted, for as long as they continue to process.

"Thanks again for all of your help getting my merchant account setup so fast. You guys made it so easy, with everything done in just one phone call. I would highly recommend PayByWeb to anybody looking to establish merchant account services. They were very helpful and provided excellent FAST service to my business."

Cheryle Ball, Owner - Majestic Sedan and Limo

Free To Apply!     Fast Setup!     60% Payout! 

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Our Reseller Program is simple.  Put your link on your site or in emails.  When new merchants sign up, you will receive 60% of the Gross Revenue.