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We are taking some of the guesswork out of applying for Merchant Processing.  Here are some things you probably don't know...but should!  Shh!!  You didn't hear it from us!

Gateway Software:  
Many merchant account providers provide FREE applications, and FREE activations for your account, only to charge excessive fees to sell you gateway software. You don't need to purchase gateway software. This is how they make tons of money.  Do you know what's on the disk they send you?  Nothing but a link with a login and password!   DON''T BE FOOLED!  You don't need to pay $200 - $1,200 for gateway software.  Gateways, such as, don't require software.  It's a big Scam!  Most gateway run via the Internet, using a login and password. 

Gateway Software Leases: 
As if selling you the software isn't bad enough.  Some guy sat in his black leather chair one day and thought of a great way to really take advantage of applicants.  Let them LEASE the so called software.  Brilliant!  DON''T BE FOOLED!  You might as well take your $20 - $50 a month and flush it down the toilet.  You are paying good money for NOTHING!   

How can merchant account providers get you to pay from $600 - $1,000 for a terminal without making you blink? it a LEASE!  DON''T BE FOOLED! Terminals cost around $200 - $400.  While we at believe that merchant providers deserve to make money, since that's what they are in business to do, they don't have to rape a customer. Unless you need an expensive terminal, such as a wireless one, why spend 48 months to pay for a $200 machine?  If you want to get ripped a NEW BOAT!  You deserve better from your merchant account provider. 

Are you paying to set up with American Express?
We sure hope not.  If you are, you are not paying that money to Amex.  DON''T BE FOOLED!  American Express does not charge any fees for you to accept their cards.  In fact, THEY PAY processors to bring them new merchants.  Don’t get duped!  If a processor charges you a fee to accept Amex, look elsewhere.

Don't Pay Annual Fees!
Annual Fees are a great way for processors to gain passive income.  Request NOT to pay Annual Fees, whenever possible.  Some processors may not let you out of it, but then again...they might!

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